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The Shepherd of Shotton Cross is the third in The Spirit Series. Each book has new characters and the series can be read in any order.

“This is not the army, William. These men have choices. They can leave or refuse to go in the pits if it’s too dangerous. They have to make decisions for themselves.” Fire flashed in her eyes. “You aren’t responsible for them.”
“Sheep do a lot of dumb things, Eileen. You know they do.” He looked her full in the face. “They ought to know not to cross that wall by the river, but every time they get the chance, over they go. Then they get bloated from the grass and end up cast on the hillside.” He put her hand to his face. “All these men see is the paycheck that feeds them green grass. I’m their shepherd checking the fences.”

Two shepherds, thousands of years apart, face the same dilemma: what to do when what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong.

Amos calls across the hill country of ancient Israel. He finds war refugees on his doorstep. Amos must decide if he will stand up for them or ignore the problems like so many others.

William lifts his voice among the hills of Wales. He hides among the sheep trying to forget the pain of WW1, but when financial distress sends him to work in the Welsh coalfields, will he defend the miners or remain quiet?

An ancient song weaves through time culminating in a chorus of voices that soar above the rest.

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The Doctor of Dunstable Plains is the second in The Spirit Series. Each book has new characters and can be read in any order.

The lamps threw black shadows on the wall as the men hurried down the creaky wooden stairs. Increase felt like he was descending the last steps into utter darkness. Surely death was already taking up residence. “This way,” he said, trying to sound in control of the situation. Jean followed him to the end of the room where the small apartments stood like prison cells in a dungeon. The door to the woman’s hovel opened and she stood there, silent and resigned. She moved aside for Increase, but stepped forward when she recognized Jean.

The practice of medicine seems so arbitrary. Some live, some die. Even when you do your best. In a moment of despair and grief, Dr. Increase Graves moved his small family to rural New Hampshire to doctor the mill workers of the Industrial Revolution. He finds himself healing more than bodies, though, when he discovers the town’s prejudices are causing disease of epidemic proportions. Now he must push aside his own grief and pain to treat the citizens of Dunstable Plains. But when he meets Jean Giatros, an herbalist from the Old Country, he discovers there is more to death than just dying. And more to life than just living.

A story of learning to live in the midst of death.

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The Potter of Paradox is the first book in The Spirit Series. Each book has new characters and can be read in any order.

There are no new questions, just new situations.
Mariam, Marta, and Eleazar were siblings with a common conundrum: just what were they supposed to be doing in life? Nothing seemed to be working out right.

Mariam was getting too old to find a husband; she needed money, but how was she going to get it? Widowed Marta was running a tavern out of her home. And young Eleazar was attending secret anti-government meetings. Their lives intersect with Jesus and his disciples, but it’s the potter in the shed down the hillside who guides them to Jesus and their purpose in life.

Nearly two thousand years later, a young man asks the same question.

Jack, a struggling businessman, longs to create the beautiful works of art that he sells to clients, but his father has stressed for years the risks of being a self-employed artist. Jack knows business is the logical way to go, but his heart pulls him back to the potter’s wheel.
On a holiday visit with his aunts, Jack rekindles a friendship with Mr. John, the local potter. The friendship evolves into a partnership. But is pottery all that Mr. John is selling?

Two thousand years are not enough to separate this story of family, calling, and the ancient mystery of The Potter of Paradox.

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Devotions Of a Gerbil is a Bible study devotional book that follows my adventure with the family dog, Kelly. Learn lessons about your relationship to the Father as I teach how we are like a dog learning to be obedient, faithful, and trusting. Devotions Of a Gerbil is suitable for small groups or individual study. The 13 chapters lend themselves to a quarterly study, but they can easily be adapted to a shorter study.

Available on Amazon,, and Print and E-book editions are both available. Ambassador-International released the book Fall, 2013.