My passion is to make the bible relevant again. Do you try to read scripture but only see an ancient text full of thees and thous and do’s and don’ts? Do confusing stories and God’s seemingly wrathful judgments leave the book gathering dust on your shelf?

You aren’t alone.

But how do we breathe life into our dust?

That’s my goal here and in my books. To help you hear the ancient bible stories in modern terms. The God of the bible is still the God of today. He still creates and nourishes, blesses and loves, teaches and smiles and laughs. He is still active, still involved, still embracing his creation and his created.

He gave Adam and Eve and you a world to enjoy, marvel at, and to take care of. The Israelites drove God crazy, just like you do sometimes, but he loves you anyway.  He asked Noah, Abraham, and Moses to join him in the creation of something better, and he asks the same of you. As he gave Solomon the ability to love, enjoy, even relish the good things in life, so he also showers blessings of contentment and pleasure on your life.

The bible is still an important story. I want you to read it with enthusiasm and renewed interest. Like a classic re-envisioned but true to the original.

Join me as we look at God’s new stories– your story — in the light of his old ones.



“For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.” Psalm 48:14 NIV

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