Break Your Heart

Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate. ~Jon Bon Jovi

The crying Indian. Say it to anyone over 40 and they will know what you are talking about. It was a television PSA commercial featuring an American Indian canoeing, horseback riding, or walking through trash.

“People start pollution; people can stop it.” That was the theme.  He could be seen every Saturday while America’s youth watched Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny. The different commercials always ended with a tear rolling down the Indian’s weathered face. His heart was broken.

God’s heart has been broken so many times. Cain killed Abel and the blood that spilled on the ground came from God’s own heart as well. People built the Tower of Babble because God wasn’t enough for them. Even as the walls of the tower cracked and split, God’s own chest heaved and shuddered. The hundred years before the flood must have tormented the Father as he prepared for what was coming. The rains fell and the water rose with the tears of the one who wished he could start all over. Then came the blackest day of all when they killed his Son, the Christ. Even the angels joined in the lament.

There are so many things that break God’s heart. Starving children. War. Hatred, racism, prejudice, bigotry. Lies, affairs, embezzlement.

Dishonest judges, crooked lawyers, and dirty officials.

God’s heart breaks when his creation is mistreated, when his children are cruel, and when his church is unholy.

Our hearts should break for what breaks the Father’s heart, but our hearts are so much smaller than his. We can’t have our hearts broken over everything, or we would never find the joy that God promises is ours.

Because of that, God gives each of us passion- that one thing that breaks our heart into action.

Does your news feed make you physically ill? Do you find yourself praying for politicians and leaders? Do you get updates from the UN, research and vote in every election, become frustrated with government? God has gifted you with a passion for politics and it’s time to run for office.

Maybe your gift is a passion for children. You hurt to see a neglected neighborhood child. You turn the tv off when “those commercials” come on because you just can’t watch. You surf adoption sites and support the children’s hospital. Is God calling you to social work or teaching in the inner city or a rural area, or maybe he’s calling you farther?

Perhaps you are at the other end of the life cycle. You are concerned about the elderly. You know who is alone in your neighborhood, their children live far away and can’t help. You hold doors for women with walkers and move aside for men with canes. You find yourself smiling and singing along with the dementia patient at the dentist’s office. Is God calling you to fight for elder rights or to volunteer at a rest home?

You can be sure God has asked you to do something. You are his hands and feet in a broken world. What are you doing to fix it?

And when he drew near and saw the city, he wept over it . . . Luke 19:41 ESV

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