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auntsAn aunt is someone special to remember with warmth, think of with pride, and cherish with love.  Unknown

On Friday I received a proof copy of the cover for my newest book, The Potter of Paradox. I am excited about the book, not only because it is my first large-scale attempt at fiction, but also because the story has a lot to say about our calling in life and how we go about answering that call.

The story also has a lot of my own story in it. Yes, about calling, but also about my family. There are little pieces of my family sprinkled throughout the story.

My mother has three sisters; my father eight, plus four brothers who married some exceptional women as well. My aunts have been an important part of my life since the day I was born. They have taught me how to cook, how to raise children, and even how to sing. They have taught me how to be a good daughter and a child of the King.

There are two aunts in the book who help guide their nephew, Jack, as well. They encourage him to choose what he loves, pottery, over what seems to be the logical, practical choice: business. They point out which girl would be helpful in that pursuit. They remind Jack that family relationships are of high importance, and they are instrumental in bringing him back together with his father.

Now those aren’t exactly what my aunts have done for me, but they have been my guides, my cheering section, and my menders. They have reminded me of what and who is important, and they have done it with patience and humor.

So to all of my aunts: If you think you are in the book, you are. Thanks for all you have given me over the years. I love you.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV

Aunt Traci

auntAn aunt is a safe haven for a child. Someone who will keep your secrets and is always on your side. Sara Sheridan

9-11 went down in history as a good day. It was a horrendous day, full of fear, shock, and terror. But in the evening a phone call came. “We thought this day could use some good news. We’re going to have a baby!” It was my sister and brother-in-law.

5-9 was a great day, all day long. I remember I was having a yard sale, and as customers came by I would tell them, “I’m an aunt today!” I was so excited. I became an aunt two more times over the next five years.

Being an aunt is wonderful. I get to take them places, buy them gifts, talk to them on the phone. It’s like practicing to be a grandmother.

The part I don’t like is being so far away. There have been several years that I have only seen my nieces and nephew a few days at Christmas. But there have also been vacations, family celebrations, and even a surprise trip this past fall to see a school musical.

It’s hard to know someone well when you see them so little. But even seeing them so little, it isn’t hard to love them a lot. Technology has been a boon to this aunt with pictures, texts, video- all sent in real time so I can see what’s going on.

And what I see is a family of kids I am proud to have call me Aunt. I love you, Isabelle, Lydia, and Isaac.


2 Chronicles 22 Future King Joash is saved from slaughter by his AUNT! Just remember that kids.