God the Goatherd

Our normally warm autumn has not shown itself much this year. The days have been colder than usual, and the wind blows with a special bite meant to send you rushing indoors. Migrating robins were heading south a few weeks ago while I walked along the river, actually preceded months ago by the geese traipsing across the sky. I have been watching the signs of winter approaching and have been dismayed to see the completely black woolly worms, signaling a long, cold winter ahead. IMG_20131123_112704

I haven’t just watched the natural signs, though. I have been keeping my eye on the weather when the news is on in the morning. Not long ago, the temps were to dip down in the low 20s, and I thought I better throw some hay in the barn for the goats. They do have an especially thick coat this year, but a little extra covering would surely be appreciated.

As I spread hay out for my girls I thought about the way my God takes care of me. Mary, Maddie, and Faye have no idea what the weather will be from one day to the next. They know that winter is approaching; they can read the signs, too. But they don’t know when a night is going to be especially severe. That is when I enter with my extra care and attention.

IMG_20131123_112817I have an idea of what life holds for me, but I don’t know all of the particulars or when they will occur. But God is always there watching the news while I go on with my everyday life. When the weather is about to change, He comes out with an extra bale of hay to pad and comfort my cold, dark nights. He scatters an extra bowl of feed into the bucket, pats my back, and reassures me that he is there watching over everything.

The Lord is my goatherd, I shall not be in want. He lets me lie down in sunny pastures, he fills my trough with water, he restores my soul.