Making the Ancient Relevant

Questions. They start as soon as we can talk . . .

Why is the sky blue? Why do dogs bark at cats? How many raisins can I put in my nose?

And they never seem to end.

Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Why do good things always happen to other people? When are things going to get better? Where do I look for answers?

Yes, questions.

  And answers?

Let’s start with the questions.

They’re as ancient as time. From the very beginning, – in every nation, culture, and religion – people have asked the same questions.

Since the questions haven’t changed, neither has the source of answers.

However, the answers are packaged in ancient customs bound by dry and dusty words.

But the answers ARE still there. I want to help you rediscover them.

Explore my stories and join me in . . .

Making the Ancient Relevant.