About Me

Why I Write

Stories are the window of worlds. We love total strangers. We despise common enemies. We taste new foods, smell exciting aromas, and feel the warmth of an evening sun. Good story-telling places us in a new world, perhaps even a different time.

But good stories - excellent stories - have one thing in common: relevance.

Truly great stories make sense of our own dilemmas. They provide hope for escape, relief, love, and acceptance.

My stories attempt to answer the ancient questions. Who am I? Do I have a purpose? Does what I do really make a difference?

These are important questions. Ancient questions.

And they're still relevant.

My Books

I write both fiction and non-fiction.

The Spirit Series is intended to help the reader grapple with the big questions of life. Does my life have a purpose? Why doesn't God listen to me? Am I important? The books are written as biblical fiction and historical fiction- two stories woven together in one book. They do not have to be read in sequential order.

My non-fiction books are Bible based devotions and reflection guides - great for small group or individual study.


Blogs and Social Media

My blog posts are intended to help you make the ancient text of the Bible relevant to your modern life. I explore scripture and offer suggestions for how it can be applied in today's world.

While my writing is based in Christianity, anyone can read it and find helpful advice for living life.

My social media presence is intended to be encouraging. I want to start a revolution of peace. My posts touch on spiritual formation and disciplines, nature and creation's beauty, and of course good books. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.